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Lambton Brie Baker Basket

  • The Lambton Brie Baker Basket from Los Angeles Baskets is the perfect gift for a wine and cheese aficionado, designed to elevate their culinary experiences. This classy gift basket includes a selection of fine wine, gourmet cheese, chocolate, and more, ensuring a delightful indulgence for the recipient. Inside, you'll find brie cheese, accompanied by a brie baker and a brie brule torch from Petite Maison for the perfect cheese experience. Additionally, there are water crackers from CaPeachio’s, chutney from Mrs. Bridges, a gourmet chocolate brick from Boss, and chocolate truffles from Monarch to tantalize the taste buds. To complete the set, there's a bottle of wine (with the option to upgrade from our extensive selection), two wine glasses, and a wine bottle-shaped cutting board. With such exquisite offerings, this gift basket is guaranteed to impress, making every occasion special with Los Angeles Baskets.

  • This is what is included in this gift:

    Single Wine:This gift set includes a single bottle of red wine which can be upgraded if you wish.

    Petite Maison's Brie Baker - Cream:Exquisitely packaged with fond recollection of the French countryside, Petite Maison continues to set the standard by which all other Brie Bakers are measured. Warm, velvety, decadently creamy baked Brie is but only three simple steps away. Preheat oven to 350° F (176° C). Slice top off a small Brie wheel and spread a generous amount of your choice of Wildly Delicious Compote or jam.
    Place in baker, cover, and bake for 15 minutes or until gently softened and warmed throughout. Serve with rustic chunks of baguette, crostini, fruit or crackers

    Wine Goblet with an Ornate Pattern Rim :Wine glasses are made from high quality translucent and durable material. These glasses feature sophisticated classic Greek Key pattern in gold or silver, on the rim of the glass. Hand wash - not dishwasher or microwave safe

    Petite Maison's Brie Brule Torch :Set the desire for caramelized brie toppings aglow with this easy to handle finishing tool. The Brûlé Torch completes the brie baker story and illuminates the senses with the skill of a chef.

    Wine Shaped Bamboo Board :Simple and cute, this Wine Shaped Bamboo Board is a unique addition to your life. Made of bamboo, this board is cutting friendly.   Metric - 48 x 18 x 1.5cm
    Imperial - 18.9 x 7.1 x 0.6in

    Brie Wheel :Brie is a soft white Mould cheese. It has a mild, slightly tangy and aromatic taste with a cream and smooth consistency. This Brie will keep its mild, characteristic flavor and soft texture over time due to the fact that the maturing process is stopped when the cheese is at its best.

    Petite Maison's Caramel Spice With Almonds Brie Brûlé :Inspired by the classical French dessert, Petite Maison has applied the decadence of a crusty caramelized sugary top to the warm, silky luxury of baked Brie. The perfect union of two brilliant foods resulting in an appetizer of unparalleled goodness.

    Mrs. Bridges Chutney for Cheese :A classic chutney to accompany the cheeseboard at any time of year.

    Capeachio's Original Water Cracker :CaPeachio’s Artisan crackers make for elegant hors d’oeuvres, the perfect pairing with wine and cheese, or a simple snack straight out of the box. They are all-natural, vegan, non-GMO, and kosher. Baked with classic, distinctive old-world style, CaPeachio’s crackers come in a range of flavors to satisfy everyone at your party, or your picnic, or just when you need a little something.

    BOSS Medium Dark Chocolate BOX :Boss Chocolate is specially made to compliment wine.  Our Medium Dark Chocolate Bar pairs excellently with: Shiraz, Zinfandel, Chianti, Merlot And Rhone

    Chocolate-Truffles-Monarch-Gold:The king of confections and chocolates once again proves their mettle with these delightfully light yet decadent chocolate truffles.  Evolving flavors roll across the palate, indulging the senses with each and every morsel.

What Is Included in this Wine Gift Basket?