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Los Angeles Baskets - Our Story

Los Angeles Baskets is an online gift basket company with offices servicing Los Angeles, California. Our gift baskets are carefully crafted and curated that feature an abundance of gifting options. Our mission is to send delectable gifts and gift baskets throughout the year, as we offer gifts for all occasions, as the perfect gift is just a click away.

Our company follows all four of our Core Values: People, Service, Quality, and Innovation. These values determine everything we do as we strive to create the best goods and services available to our customers to ensure the very best gifting experience for all.

We provide our customers with an exceptionally well-merchandised world of the highest gift and gift basket items. Behind the scenes in our distribution center, customers are welcomed by the most knowledgeable sales associates in the business that operate with an absolute dedication to customer service.

We’re proud of our devoted focus on gift delivery in many major American cities and states such as New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Washington, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We also do delivery in major Canadian cities – Toronto, Vancouver, Hamilton, Ottawa, and Montreal. No one else does this!

And we’re always looking to expand our range of same-day gift delivery business. In addition to our e-commerce sites, we have physical locations in Toronto, Vancouver, New Jersey, and Los Angeles. We are focused on doing same-day gift delivery service for costs that are lower for our customers and our business. Our goal is to provide even quicker gift delivery services throughout the day, evenings, and weekends.