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Annex Beer & Snacks Basket

  • Celebrate the joy of grilling season and delight a beer or snack enthusiast with the Annex Beer & Snacks Basket from Los Angeles Baskets. Perfect for various occasions, be it Father's Day or a simple gesture for a friend, family member, or colleague. This enticing basket features a variety of gourmet treats, including Popcorners popcorn chips and Kettle brand chips, complemented by gourmet Boss cheese and crackers from Gone Crackers. Enjoy the zesty twist of lemon straws from the Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory, barbecue nuts from Simply Naked Nuts, and the indulgence of chocolate-covered cashews from Marich. Complete the experience with 6 bottles of refreshing Corona beer, all presented in a charming galvanized metal pail. Elevate their snacking experience with Los Angeles Baskets!

  • This is what is included in this basket:

    Painted Galvanized Bucket : Galvanized pail that is great for keeping beer cold — just add the ice! Height 10' x diameter 11"

    Gone Crackers Parmesan & Rosemary : Inspired by great Italian food, this cracker makes the best crouton for Caesar Salad. It’s great on its own with wine but is also good with a simple soft cheese. Suggested White Wine Pairings: Pinot Gris, Riesling, Viognier, Chenin Blanc. Suggested Red Wine Pairings: Pinot Noir, Merlot, Shiraz. Suggested Food Pairing: Artichoke dip, olive tapenade, soft cheeses or hot crab dip

    Simply Naked Nuts Barbecue Peanuts : For the peanut lover, our Simply Naked Barbecue Peanuts will make you smile. Lightly roasted in sea salt for a touch of flavor, enjoy them any way you like. Nature got it right.

    Kettle New York Cheddar Chips : When cheese grows up, where does it go? The big city, of course. Sophisticated, bold, confident, and brazen. Comfortable in the penthouse or the subway, this chip is going places. Sometimes we think we’ve gone just a little bit crazy over this chip thing, but big city flavor will do that.

    BOSS Gourmet Cheese Square : Soft-repined cheese should be taken out of the refrigerator one to two hours before you plan to eat it, since the flavors “really bloom” when it’s at room temperature. Soft-baked cheese also responds well to baking; just don’t eat it cold, okay?

    Popcorners Cinema Style Butter : We took a blockbuster favorite and made it one better by adding just the right amount of real theater butter to every batch. Pop in a movie, open up a bag and enjoy an experience like no other.

    Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory Original Lemon Straws 1 oz. : We begin with a refreshing burst of lemon, then blend it with rich shortbread made with fresh creamery butter, and voilà: a straw of extraordinary flavor, twirled in powdered sugar for a sensational finish. Tart, rich, sweet – spectacular in its perfection. An indulgence? To be sure. The ultimate indulgence. And isn’t that what you deserve?

    Marich Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cashews : The warm simplicity of fresh roasted cashews are treated to a hint of sea salt and wrapped in rich dark chocolate.

    6 Bottles of Beer : This gift set includes 6 bottles of beer which can be upgraded if you wish

What Is Included in this Beer Gift Basket?