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Beaconsfield Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

  • For a splendid Valentine's Day surprise, consider the Beaconsfield Valentine’s Day Gift Basket by Los Angeles Baskets as the perfect indulgence for that special someone. This luxurious gift is designed to pamper them with a Valentine’s Day sugar cookie, Divine Confections' chocolate-covered cherries, cinnamon candy hearts, a scented candle, bath salts, and perfumed body crème for a touch of spa-like luxury at home. Elevate the celebration with this exceptional gift basket from Los Angeles Baskets that combines the sweetness of treats with the relaxation of a spa experience.

  • This is what is included in this gift:

    Pomegranate scented candle – Short : Pomegranate: Crisp complex pomegranate with notes of cassis and soft florals with rich undertones of rum and musk

    Sugar Cookie With Royal Icing : This Valentine’s Day treat is sure to please, a flavorful sugar cookie and topped with royal icing.

    Handled Wicker Basket: wicker basket with a handle, housing all the delicious items in this basket.

    Divine Confections Milk Chocolate Enrobed Cherry: Chocolate-covered cherries made from dried and pitted cherries and enrobed in rich chocolate with a sweet candy coating.

    Monarch Cinnamon Hearts 280g : Small cinnamon candy hearts that are guaranteed to serve you with a spicy punch. Also an old time favorite. Enjoy the bold taste of cinnamon in this bite sized heart shaped hard candy. These candies are delicious by the handful but also make a festive garnish for cupcakes and other sweet treats.

    Thymes Lavender Bath Salts Envelope: Fragrance your bath and help soften your skin with Lavender Bath Salts, featuring natural, mineral rich Epsom salts infused with honey, jojoba oil and aloe. Immerse yourself in soothing fragrance inspired by the calm of a lavender field.

    Thymes Goldleaf Gardenia Petite Body Crème: A rich and luxurious crème enriched with sunflower and safflower oils. This lavish Goldleaf Gardenia body cream moisturizes with magnolia flower extract to help soothe skin. The modern yet timeless floral fragrance brings unabashed femininity to life wherever you go in this petite bottle.