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Exclusive Camembert & Wine Set

  • Experience a touch of sophistication and indulge in the Exclusive Camembert & Wine Set – a tasteful gift perfect for celebrating special moments with your loved ones. Immerse yourself in the velvety richness of Belgian dark chocolate by Hendrickx, paired harmoniously with a delightful bottle of wine (customizable). Delight your taste buds with the soft and tangy BOSS Camembert cheese, relish the finest farfalle pasta by Rummo-Maestri Pasti, and add a kick with Sacla Italia's delectable chili pesto sauce. Enhance your culinary adventures with a small bamboo cutting board, making it a thoughtful and flavorful gesture from Los Angeles Baskets. Cheers to unforgettable occasions!

  • This is what is included in this gift:

    BOSS Camembert Hexagon : The bloomy rind of Camembert is unmistakable. Equal in beauty, the pearly interior is smooth, soft and holds its consistency throughout. Kissed with earthy and sweet tones, this white mold cheese captivates with its slight hints of caramelized butter and foraged mushrooms. The aftertaste is rounded and somewhat tangy, with a pleasant and soft finish.

    Sacia Italia Chili Pesto Sauce : SACLÀ prepares his Chili Pesto with a special blend of chilies, red pepper, newly grated Pecorino Romano DOP, almonds, fresh herbs and spices. This pesto is perfect to add a fast hot touch to a recipe of pasta, soup, on a pizza, or generously brushed on skewers of meat or vegetables.  Don't hesitate to use it for Mexican or Asian spicy dishes.

    Rummo Farfalle : Farfalle, or butterflies, are made by pinching two sides of a small rectangle of pasta toward the center. This shape’s whimsical puckers and folds are especially good at capturing the flavors of light, creative sauces.

    Hendrickx Belgian Dark Chocolate : Rich and creamy, Hendrickx Belgian dark Chocolate is the apex of delight. Traditionally crafted by dedicated chocolatier’s, Hendrickx is a name you can trust to satisfy any chocolate craving.

    Bottle of Wine : This wine gift set includes a bottle of red wine which can be upgraded if you wish

    Bamboo Cutting Board Ex Small : This beautiful classic cutting board has so many uses. Made from Bamboo, this light weight board is great from serving your favorite cheeses and charcuterie. 23 x 15.25 x 1.25 cm, 9 x 6 x 0.5 inches

What Is Included in this Wine Gift Basket?