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Hillcrest Wine Basket

  • Treat a wine lover to the ultimate indulgence with the Hillcrest Wine Basket from Los Angeles Baskets. This luxurious gift basket is filled with an exquisite selection of wine, gourmet snacks, and more, making it the perfect choice for any occasion. Included in this lavish gift basket are gourmet brie cheese and CaPeachio’s water crackers, along with toast crackers, cheese wafers, and cheese biscuits for a delicious cheese pairing experience. Indulge in artichoke and asiago tapenade, perfect for spreading on crackers or toast. For those with a sweet tooth, there are dipping pretzels, shortbread cookies, gourmet chips, popcorn, and beer nuts to enjoy. And to add a touch of sophistication, there are gin lemon olives and extra virgin olive oil included. Of course, no wine basket is complete without a bottle of fine wine, perfectly complementing the gourmet treats. And to serve the snacks in style, there's a beautiful cutting board included. Give the gift of luxury and indulgence with the Hillcrest Wine Basket from Los Angeles Baskets. It's the perfect way to show your appreciation to a friend, colleague, or family member, no matter the occasion.

  • This is what is included in this gift:

    Large Round Wood Cutting Board w/ Steel Handles :Another addition to our wide range of Toronto Cutting Boards. This board features a clean flat surface, two robust black steel handles, and bound by a sleek black steel band to add a magnificent and modern appearance. This board works as a large serving board that can make your next barbecue an exceptional one. Black, bold and smooth, this board makes an unequaled center piece. 

    Single Wine :This gift set includes a single bottle of red wine which can be upgraded if you wish.

    Capeachio's Natural Butter Flavour Cracker :CaPeachio’s Artisan crackers make for elegant hors d’oeuvres, the perfect pairing with wine and cheese, or a simple snack straight out of the box. They are all-natural, vegan, non-GMO, and kosher. Baked with classic, distinctive old-world style, CaPeachio’s crackers come in a range of flavors to satisfy everyone at your party, or your picnic, or just when you need a little something.

    The Fine Cheese Fine Co. Cherry Almond Toast For Cheese :Thin, light and crisp toast. 60% of the cracker is composed of fruit, nuts and seeds.  For rich blue cheeses such as Stilton and Gorgonzola Dolce.

      Savoury Cheese Wafer with Honey & Mustard :Fine, crunchy waffle style wafer with cheese and the addition of honey and mustard. Goes well with wine and a cheese or charcuterie platter.

    Hardbite Avocado & Lime Chips :Apparently millennials would rather eat avocados than own homes. So in good spirit, we decided to make a perfectly zesty chip with a blend of avocado and lime. So at least you can snack on something delicious while day dreaming of that home you will never own.

    Spudniks Slim Pop Popcorn :At only 39 Calories per cup…Go On and indulge! Our low cal. Slim POP! Will leave your mouth craving for more.. Enjoy our guilt-free goodness.

    East Shore Garlic & Pepper Pretzels 113g :The perfect spice combination of roasted garlic and black pepper gives these pretzels a traditional appeal. The ideal complement for Garlic and Pepper Dipping Mustard.

    Buiteman Goat's Cheese Biscuits :These biscuits are made using only the best goat’s cheese. Crisp and crumbly, the biscuits have the cheese baked through them, rather than just as a topping, making the flavour more intense. These biscuits are great as a snack cold or heated through for that just-baked taste with a chilled glass of wine.

    Beer Nuts Bacon and Cheddar Chipnuts :Our Bacon and Cheddar Chipnuts are delicious! Peanuts covered in a Bacon and Cheddar coating. The perfect flavour combination that will tantalize your taste buds. If you're looking for a new snack, our Bacon and Cheddar Chipnuts are one unique, crunchy, irresistible snack you will be reaching for every day!

    Just Cheese Gourmet Brie :Brie is a soft white mould cheese. It has a mild, slightly tangy and aromatic taste with a cream and smooth consistency. This Brie will keep its mild, characteristic flavour and soft texture over time due to the fact that the maturing process is stopped when the cheese is at its best.

    Cookie It Up Shorts Salted Butterscotch :Tender shortbread with delectable butterscotch chips and a hint of salt.

    The Shortbread Bakery Chocolate Chunk :Can love be expressed through a cookie? If they are smooth delicate gourmet shortbread cookie from The Shortbread Bakery, then you'll instantly taste the love baken in, the moment its bite-sized morsels dissolve on your tongue.

    Wildly Delicious Artichoke & Asiago Tampenade :While our traditional olive tapenades reside in the Petite Maison line, here we offer unique, versatile, flavour-packed condiments ideally suited to spread on crusty bread, crostinis and crackers. Best served with cold meats and assorted cheeses but equally inspiring as a pizza sauce or Panini spread.  A fresh spin on a classic, this tapenade combines the subtle flavour of artichokes with pungent asiago cheese and sparkling champagne.

    Delish Gin Lemon Olives :Lemon stuffed colossal green Spanish olives bathed in imported gin. Toss in salads or add to condiment platters. Add a citrus kick to cocktails and hors doeuvres. All Natural. Kosher. Gluten Free.

    Campi Verdi di Toscana Extra Virgin Olive Oil :Campi Verdi di Toscana Extra Virgin Olive Oil: From planting, to harvest, to press, Campi Verdi Di Toscana’s traditionally prepared Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made with care every step of the way.

    Wildly Delicious Black Truffle Balsamic Onion Confit:This luxurious condiment combines the mellow sweetness of golden caramelized onions with the rich, earthy flavors of black truffles and rich flavorful balsamic vinegar. Enjoy it with everything from burgers and sausages to grilled seafood. Unit Size: 200 g, 7.1 oz

What Is Included in this Wine Gift Basket?